7 Ways to Help Your Children Develop the Skill of Writing

People often assume that writing is an inborn talent that not all children have. However, writing is a skill that children can develop if their parents are willing to assist them.

Writing is an art that every child should possess as this improves their grammar, mental processing, and vocabulary.

Writing boosts the critical thinking of children and it promotes their performances in homework, examinations, reports, essays, etc. They can also grow up to become prolific writers!

One of the great ways to assist children in developing the skill of writing is to show them the importance of writing in their daily lives. Your six-year-old child should learn how to send an email, send a text to his dad and even make a shopping list. When children know the importance of writing, they will be eager to develop the skill and find out how to become a young writer.

Training your children to be creative thinkers will enable them to express themselves in written words. Children can easily develop the skill of writing by reading good books, writing daily in their journals and even working towards publishing their books.

Hedmee Books gives reasons why you should encourage your children to become writers.

  • To develop creativity in them.

Children are very innovative and this quality should be one that every parent should motivate in their children.

Children should be encouraged to write every day. They should write on different subject matters, such as their experience at school or a description of their best friend. Engaging in this on a daily basis will improve their spirit of imagination and creativity, and also boost their academic performance.

  • To boost their self esteem

Cultivating a writing culture will enable your children to become more confident in their talents and abilities.

The thought of having their write-ups being read or published is enough to boost their self-esteem and self-confidence.

  • To boost language development

Writing will boost their language development as they will find it easier to learn new words and construct sentences correctly. Writing is also synonymous with reading. When your children read, their language development will automatically be boosted.

This will also assist them academically in terms of essay writing and facing the fear of forming words together. Create a book library in your home and encourage them to read more books.

Below are 7 ways to help your children develop the skill of writing.

  1. Assist them in getting started

Getting started is often the toughest part of starting an activity. For a child, it might be difficult putting put the first words on paper. So, you should assist your children in taking the bold step to start writing.

Take away the fear of writing from them. They should write an outline of how they want their first draft to be. They should also learn that the few sentences they put down first do not matter. What matters is starting!

2. Encourage them to read

A good writer is always an avid reader. The more children read, the more they will be able to learn new words and vocabulary. They will learn to use words in different ways and structure sentences correctly.

3. Provide creative resources for them

Writing materials such as pens, crayons, pencils, paper, scissors, staplers, paints, etc., with materials such as books, posters, pictures, journal, colouring book, etc., are creative resources that will promote your children’s writing skills. You should also provide a space (such as an empty room), where they can explore their creative abilities.

4. Become a role model

One of the best ways to assist your children in developing the skill of writing is to become a role model for them. Make them know the importance of writing in their daily lives.

Tell them how you use writing to make the grocery list, keep a journal, send a message to their father, etc. When you become an example, they will realise that writing is a skill that we cannot do without in our daily lives.

5. Create time for family writing

Some families fix a time during the week, stipulated for reading. Ensure that you set aside a time every week for all family members to write and read together.

You can instruct your children to write imaginative stories or send an email to their teachers.

Working together as a collective entity fosters love and the enthusiasm to learn better and in interesting ways. So creating time for family writing will be a great way to improve your children’s writing skills.

6. Allow them to read for pleasure

They should limit their screen time by reducing the number of hours they spend watching the TV and playing video games. Instead, they should spend more time reading books and learning how to draw.

7. Encourage your children to make mistakes and fail

The fear of failure can affect one’s creative ability. Your children should not be afraid to fail at writing. They should learn that failure is only a part of life, and we learn better from experience.

Relate mistakes that you have recently made so that they can understand that it is okay not to get it right at all times.

Encourage them to become more creative and innovative. Tell your children about your favourite authors, artists, etc. and share your passion for a skill. This will motivate them to become better even though they do not get not it right at first.

These tips will guide you in assisting your children to develop their writing skills! 

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