Every Writer Should Own These Tools

When you have decided to write a book, you will have several ideas clogging in your head which you will want to bring forth into words. A writer’s tool is more than a pen and some paper. In recent times, most writers use the computer to write. So, they need word processors and programmes to scan their writings and time management applications that will prevent them from watching a movie instead of writing.

Here are tools that every writer should own.

  1. Novels

To write great fiction, you have to read fiction. So, start by reading novels and short stories. You do not have to read them seriously. Just keep reading as this will make you a better writer.

Browse through bookstores for new books and get as many e-books as you can.

2. A dictionary

No writer can do without a dictionary, even in the advent of Google. There are times that you are looking for the perfect word to suit what you’re about to write, but you know the solution will only be to consult the dictionary.

3. Notebooks

Make a habit of journaling all your brilliant ideas. This can only be possible when you own a notebook. Notebooks should be with you wherever you go. Write daily and narrate your experiences, even if it’s about what you had for lunch or the weather.

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4. A desk and chair

A comfortable desk and chair are important tools for a writer because they serve as the writer’s workshop.

If you find out that purchasing a desk will be expensive, you can use the dining room or the table in your kitchen to write.

5. Digital voice recorder

A writer must be prepared to capture a great idea as soon as it comes. This is why a digital voice recorder is a great tool for a writer.

Great ideas can be captured whenever you are taking a walk, driving, cooking, washing plates, etc. You just have to hit ‘record’ and start talking. This can be replayed when you return to your house or office.

A digital model stores hours of talk time and it is ideal for storing information. You have to choose one with a good number of recording hours and a good battery life.

You can also buy a digital recording app. from your smartphone.

6. Dropbox

It is great to find a platform where you can use your files from anywhere. This means that even if you’re on the road, on the beach or any place with access to the internet and a computer, you can access your file.

Dropbox is the best platform to handle this because it works with almost every browser and computer. Once you save a file to Dropbox, you can access it on any of your devices. It also has other features, such as the ability to share files with other people.

With Dropbox, you can access your files and continue writing from wherever you are, even though you’ve travelled far from home to another part of the world.

7. Software

Journaling is a great way to put down ideas but it is not very productive. A word processor will be needed when you start writing stories.

Writing on a piece of paper has its benefits but using a keyboard is faster. With e-books, things are done digitally and time is saved. With word processing software such as Microsoft Word, you can put down your ideas in a faster way.

Other tools every writer should own include, a quiet area, a bookshelf, a lamp, printer paper and printer cartridges, pens and pencils, dictionary, notepads and sticky notes, a coffee mug, a cell phone, etc.

To accomplish your writing goals most simply, you have to utilize the productive tools enlisted above. These tools would save you a lot of time and effort while writing, and also boost your level of creativity. With these tools, writing a great book will become an effortless task!

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