Time Management Tips for Every Writer

Time management is very essential in any task you’re embarking on. When trying to achieve your targeted goals, other things can easily distract you from utilizing your time wisely. This makes time management an important trait that everyone, including writers, must inculcate.

A big challenge that writers face is dealing with distractions when trying to write. Distractions as simple as your phone ringing, a house chore or a Facebook message can distract you from achieving your targeted goal.

With these time management tips, you will be able to complete your writing project and achieve your goals.

  1. Schedule your day

It is easy to plan out your day the way you want it when you’re a freelance writer. However, it would be more convenient when you have a schedule.

Create a routine and try as much as possible to stick with it. For example, if you find out that you are more productive at a certain period of the day, it will be better to dedicate such a period for working with minimal distractions.

2. Turn off your internet connection

Turning off your internet connection is a great way to spend your valuable time productively whilst avoiding distractions.

When your internet is turned off, you will not be tempted to check your social media pages or visit your mailbox. You’ll be able to concentrate on your work and achieve all the activities before the end of the day.

A task as simple as visiting your Instagram feed for just a few minutes can end up lasting for more than an hour. And you’ll see that you’ve spent hours on social media instead of writing.

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3. Don’t be scared of saying ‘no’

Accepting projects that you know are unrealistic to achieve is not advisable. In the end, you’ll be fatigued, frustrated, overworked and unmotivated. So, stick to projects you’re certain will be completed on time and with less stress.

When you feel that you’re overburdened by a particular task, do not be afraid to say no instead of getting worked out and striving to attain an unrealistic target.

4. Break down big projects into simpler tasks

The thought of completing a huge project can be very intimidating and uninspiring. And when this occurs, it is very easy to procrastinate by leaving it off till a later time.

An ideal way to prevent this is by breaking down big projects into simpler tasks. For example, you can dedicate 20-30 minutes for writing, take a break of 10 minutes and return to another 20-30 minutes of work.

You’ll be surprised by how much you have achieved before the end of the day, knowing that you were able to utilize your time productively in achieving your goals.

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5. Stay organized

Staying organized is one of the useful ways to manage your time efficiently. So, keep track of tasks that should be completed, create a to-do list and give yourself deadlines to complete the most important tasks.

Save your documents in folders to avoid the risk of searching for a particular document for hours.

It is compulsory that all writers inculcate the habit of time management. With this, you will spend less time writing and be able to meet up with deadlines without over-working yourself.

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